Facial Exercises Ever thought about it?

Published: 03rd November 2009
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A chiseled face with broad jaw line is an attractive feature, which escapes the attention of many body builders. Facial exercises help you burn excess fat from the neck and jowls making face cuts look like Brad Pitt. The facial structure comprises of about 63 muscles jaw line, cheek bones, area under the eye and jowl that are responsible for the chiseled look. Here's a set of facial exercises to be practiced three times a week to get your facial muscles in shape:
Exercise No. 1
Stand straight or sit upright and look towards the ceiling. See that your lips are closed but do not force them too much. In this position, start the chewing movement. You will feel tension in your neck muscles. Perform the chewing movement 20 times in a row. This will help you give up the double chin on your face.
Exercise No.2
Sit straight on a chair with a back support and look up at the ceiling. Bring the lips together but do not apply force. Take you lower lip over the upper lip and stay in the same position for about five seconds. Bring the head back to the starting position with your face facing the front and repeat the exercise 10 times again.
Exercise No.3
In this exercise, you need to sit straight, move your head slowly towards the left side. In this position you will feel your neck muscles stretching. Now, hold this position for another 5 seconds and gently turn your head towards the right. Repeat the exercise three times.
If you do the above exercises regularly, you will be able to feel the difference in just one week. The exercises mentioned above are simple and straightforward but there are other intense facial exercises as well.

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