Clean and press exercise- a complete workout

Published: 27th November 2009
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While planning a muscle building program, it is really important to include those exercises that give you optimal advantage through least muscle burn. For this, you should either have exceptional knowledge about muscle building, or need to train under a professional and experienced instructor.

There are few classic muscle building exercises that work wonders for a full-body muscle growth, Clean and Press is one of them. This article talks about the globally renowned exercise which affects the legs, back, core, arms and shoulders. In fact, the entire body muscle growth response is gradually built through this set of exercise.

The Clean and Press exercise has three basic positions that need to be carefully mastered. If you are a first timer, practice following steps without barbells to begin with:

• Jump standing on a place to learn to maintain balance while keeping your back straight.

• Shrug while maintaining your feet-position, and rise and drop your shoulders immediately after a jump.

• Subsequent to a shrug, lift your elbows to take position and jump. You need to remember that your elbows should be in the same position before your feet touch the ground.

Once you have mastered these postures, you can practice the jump-shrug-punch with the bar, with, or without the weights.

The Steps

1. Bend down to pick a barbell, or hold a barbell in squatting position making use of sthe overhand grip.

2. Now making use of the legs lift the bar by taking the arms straight up till the shoulder height.

3. There after press the weight overhead and again bring it back to the shoulder or midpoint position.

4. Now, just reverse the first movement and get the weight back from where you picked it.

The variation of this can be where you lift the barbells without the clean over your head and behind the neck.

Some precautions to be remembered while doing this exercise are:

• Remember to take your hips forward at the same time and rate as you take your shoulders upwards for a lift. This movement needs to be done simultaneously.

• Remember to keep the bar fairly close to the body as you lift. This simple move helps to protect your spine from strain.

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